Friday, 21 September 2012

Craftsy BOM

A few days ago Candace, of Wraggedy Patches, showed some blocks she'd made from the Craftsy BOM class. She reminded me that I'd signed up for this class back near the beginning of the year and had done none of the blocks. Candace very kindly offered to wait until I'd caught up with the January and February blocks, and then we could work through the rest together. That was just the motivation I needed, so I got to work, and here are the first four blocks from January and February.

So, Candace, I'm ready to start on the March blocks whenever you are.



Candace said...

Oh boy, I was just in a daze thinking that it was going to take you a while with the things you had to do, guess I'd better get going on March. Your blocks look great, and now I wish that I had gone scrappy, yours are awesome.

Lynn said...

Terrific blocks!

Candace said...

March is done Amanda, let me know when you're ready for April. Ernie is having the Cath on Monday, so it may be later in the week before I can do them.