Saturday, 28 April 2012

Final Day

 After a really decent hotel breakfast we set off for a walk around Berlin as our flight was not until the early evening. We headed first to Check Point Charlie. This was a real Mickey Mouse affair; the soldiers are in fact German actors and you can pay to have your photograph taken with them. There was another German actor, clad in American uniform, calling out "Come and have your photo took, then put your picture on Face Book" which made us laugh. We went into the museum there, but didn't stay long as it was dreadfully crowded and really poorly organised.

The Brandenburg Gate

We loved this bicycle. It's difficult to see from the photograph, but there are seats for six people, each of whom has a set of pedals to help propel it along.

This bus tour is clearly a European franchise as we have exactly the same decorated bus doing tours in Bath.

Christopher outside the Reichstag building.

Me outside the Reichstag building. One of the very few photographs taken of me during our holiday, but I'm at a decent distance so you can't really see me that well!

 Most of the shops were closed, as it was Easter Monday, so we weren't able to spend many of our remaining Euros. But this wonderful chocolate shop was open and heaving with shoppers and sightseers. It was beautifully decorated for Easter and had some amazing chocolate sculptures in the windows. This one is of the Reichstag building.

The Kaiser Wilhelm church

The Brandenburg gate

Not too sure what this was, a monogram of some sort with chocolate balls circling round it.

A huge chocolate Easter egg. No, the chap beside it isn't made of chocolate!

We bought some chocolate for the neighbours who were looking after Ruby for us and for our sons. For some reason which I'll never be able to fathom we didn't buy any for ourselves.

After this we returned to our hotel for a cup of tea before being taken to the airport and getting our flight home. The flight was a little delayed, so we booked into a hotel near Heathrow airport and set off for home early next morning.


Lynn said...

Those chocolate sculptures are amazing. I've never seen anything like it. Did you get to sample some?

Linda said...

You have a really nice blog. I love the photos. Those double decker buses are very neat. Thanks so much for sharing.

Kay said...

I wonder if that chocolate ball was solid or hollow. I LOVE the expression on Christopher's face. Too funny. And you didn't buy any for yourselves??? Oh my!