Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Walking with Ruby

We're really lucky to live in the countryside, although the main road isn't too far away, which was lucky when we had all the snow in 2010. The lanes around our house are very narrow and very quiet, which is great; the downside is that they get very muddy, not so great when you have a rather low slung dog.

Each morning Ruby and I set off up Orchard Lane. Orchard Cottage is the first house we come to.

On the right is a shed in the ponies' field and on the left at the end of the road is the garage belonging to the next cottage along.

As you can see, it was a pretty dull day when we took this walk. At the end of the lane we have a choice of routes. Ruby's wondering where we'll go today, will we turn left to go down into the village, turn right to go up to the cricket field, or go straight ahead into the field or the path that runs alongside the field?
Oh good, into the muddy field today.

Not too muddy yet, but you wait!

Part way around the field we can choose to carry on or head towards the wind turbine and into the next field.

At the end of the field there's a gate leading out onto the road. More mud. Here's where we stop to put Ruby on the lead. Her road sense is still hopeless and she'd just rush straight out if I wasn't careful. There aren't that many cars around, but we need to be careful.

See the puddle just outside the field gate? Luckily Ruby isn't too keen on water yet, so avoids the puddle, but loves all the mud around it. Turn right here and we'd head back to the village, turn left and we'd go towards the next village. But we're going straight over to have a look at the lambs in the field.

Well, the sheep and their lambs were close to the gate when we arrived, but by the time I'd disentangled my camera from the lead the word had gone round - 'Dog!!!" and they'd taken themselves off, with a huge amount of fuss and noise, to the other side of the field.

Back down the aptly named Puppy Lane, heading homewards.

Ruby always investigates all the little tracks and trails in the hopes that one day I'll bend down and follow her.

Final stop on our way home, the cricket field. There's a tumble down pavilion on the far side and during the summer several local teams play here, but at the moment it's a grand place to play. During the late afternoon several of the local dogs and their owners meet there and Ruby loves to play with all the big dogs, who tolerate her.

And then it's home, to make yet another towel filthy and then have breakfast.


Lynn said...

How much fun to go on a walk with you and Ruby. She's gotten even more adorable if that's possilbe.
When I was young my mother trained our dog to sit at the door and wait for her paws to be wiped before coming in!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

LAMBS!? Does that mean spring is on its way! Woohoo! :o)

Thanks for the tour...looks like a lovely place to live.

Simone de Klerk said...

What a beautiful walk you took this morning. And being able to turn so many different ways! Lucky Ruby and lucky you!

Amelia said...

So enjoyed the morning walk with you two. So many things are it is all brown and you have much cold cold weather? We have not had a good rain in is taking it's toll on the ponds, grass fields for those people with cattle, and of course, everyone's yard and flowers. Ruby is such a pretty animal...and some what spoiled I imagine.

scraphappy said...

What a nice little walk through the country. Everything looks so peaceful and green.

Mad about Craft said...

Aaaaah! the wonderful aroma of wet, soggy dog, nothing like it!!!

Janet said...

Thank you for the lovely walk in your neighborhood. It's fun to see the countryside in other countries. It's nice to have a companion like Ruby--makes for interesting stops here and there.

Kay said...

Wow! You really do live in the country. I am so envious! Our homes are so tightly spaced here. You have so much room to walk. It's beautiful!

Angela said...

How lucky you are to be able to walk through such beautiful countryside everyday. X

Tanya said...

Lovely walk. The scenery is so peaceful! My dog gets muddy in the Japanese rice fields... Oh my... And I'm letting her go up on my sofa?

jabblog said...

What a lovely post! It's so nice to get a glimpse into someone else's neighbourhood.

Heckety said...

What fun, in a muddy way! I like the 'low-slung dog' bit, very apt! we have two of them, but luckily one is black!! Still, its not a good walk if you come home clean, now is it???????