Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 tally

It's New Year's Eve, and I'm already feeling full of New Year enthusiasm and excitement. Yesterday I sat at my sewing machine and sewed all afternoon, and ate Smarties (gluten free, dairy free and artificial colour free, but extremely delicious - thank you Number Two Son) and managed to finish the top for the 2010 BOM I've been making, Leanne Beasley's Down in the Garden. And I started to remake Tail Feathers, the 2009 BOM that I completely ruined with my machine quilting. These will be 2011 finishes, so pictures to follow.

But I thought I'd tally up my 2010 finishes and see what I've achieved. I've finished 62 items! A whole range of things, from large (An Angels' Story) to small (little quilted house). It's been such fun, and I've learned a great deal as well along the way.

So, next year? Well, I've signed up to do a short course with the Open University, just to keep my brain ticking over; Understanding Shakespeare, which starts in February. I'm really looking forward to starting that. And on the sewing front? Well, I've actually got a few UFOs for the first time in my life, though they're really WIPs. And they're first on the list. Tail Feathers (WISP); Down in the Garden; Hexagon quilt using the fabrics from the Victoria and Albert exhibition; Autumn medallion quilt that I'm hand quilting very slowly. And continuing work on the Japanese quilt that I've started, and am treating as a home-grown BOM.

And then I really do intend to use up my scrap fabric, which is actually most of my fabric now, I don't have anything left that's even as large as a fat quarter except one piece which is destined to make a new ironing board cover. I've signed up to Scraphappy's Rainbow Scraps Challenge, so that should help.

And I know that one or two people want me to make them a quilt, so they'll have to find a place on the list. And then there's the Chewton Mendip Festival, where I'm organising the art exhibition, so that will keep me busy too.

I hope that you've all got plenty of plans to keep you busy in 2011.

With best wishes to you all for a happy New Year,


Simone de Klerk said...

It's important to keep that brain ticking (o:
All the best wishes for you and your family, Amanda! I look forward to your new inspirations.
Gelukkig nieuwjaar.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Wow - 62 items! that's fabulous!

Sounds like you've got a good plan for projects in 2011...look forward to following your progress.

Wendy said...

That is a lot of acheivements for 2010! Good luck with finishing those WIPs

Amelia said...

It has been a busy year for you...sounds like you have 2011 already off to a great start.

After 9 months (give or take) I am actually getting fairly close to start quilting once more. My fingers seem to be itching for handling fabric...but I want to get all the Christmas decorations put away and things back to a normal way.

Quilter Kathy said... accomplished a lot this year!

Lynn said...

62!!! I'm not going to do a tally, too depressing. Your class sounds wonderful, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. So many great projects you've got planned. Happy New Year!

Kay said...

62? Holey Moley! That is extraordinary! You are AMAZING! You must be tired of hearing me say that. Wow!

I'm finally almost getting done with my MUST-DO list. Yahoo!

Now I have to go bake some cookies. :-)

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Your work is gorgeous.

BillieBee in TX

Tanya said...

62 items!!! Yikes! I WISH! I guess I'm happy if I get done one a month... Only 12?

Bec said...

An Angels Story is so pretty looking.....
Looking forward to seeing your 2010BOM Down in the Garden blocks...
Are you remaking the whole Tail Feathers quilt?