Saturday, 13 November 2010

Bags and books

I've been beavering away getting birthday and Christmas gifts made up and stored away, so that I can get them all done and then perhaps have time to make a new Christmas quilt for myself.

I made this laptop bag for Number One Son's birthday in December. It's made from heavy weight denim, and has a laptop harness inside as well as three different pockets. Sadly, my Bernina didn't much care for stitching the rather thick straps into place and started making complaining noises. So it's had to go to be mended, so I can only do things that need straight stitching for the time being, as that's about all that my old machine does.

These two bags come from the same pattern and will make super presents I think, if I fill them with toiletries. The large one is for Number One Son's girlfriend, the smaller one is for my hairdresser. I'm going to make a few more for other gifts that I'm going to need. They were easy enough to make once I understood how to insert the zip.

Two Christmassy lavender bag door hangers for friends.

Covered note books for my two brothers-in-law.

For me, it's one of the joys of being retired, being able to make presents for people. I always tried to make as many presents as possible, but it was very difficult when I was teaching full time. 

How are you all doing with your Christmas present lists?


Lynn said...

Sorry to hear about your misbehaving Bernina. I was supposed to hem my sons jeans a bit, waited too long because I was scared to do it on my sewing machine, and it all resolved itself because he grew just enough so now they fit. For once procrastination paid off. I love all your gifts. Really just lovely. The notebook covers and the bags. I'm rotten at zippers and yours all looks so perfect. Really lovely gifts for friends and family to receive. My Christmas list - procrastination is not paying off well here. And I decided to make a larger quilt than the small lap quilt I intended for someone. So it may be a case of biting off more than I can chew.

Amelia said...

Such wonderful gifts - you do such excellent work.

jabblog said...

Wonderful gifts for your lucky family and friends. I hope you do manage to find some time for yourself.

Mrs Picklebalm said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHH i hate it was the sewing machine struggles I find myself almost gnashing my teeth to make the fabric go through of course that never works and I cannnot work out why I do that.
I love all your gifts and ready in time eh so get started on your christmas quilt

orchidlover said...

Great gifts. I tend not to make too many as they get looked down upon as the 'cheap option' by members of the family

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Anita said...

I envy you having so many Christmas gifts done. Sorry your new machine is giving you trouble. I agree with Lynn all your gifts look perfect. Are you doing Bonnie Hunter's mystery which is getting underway on the 19th of this month?

Kay said...

You are totally amazing, Amanda. All your friends and relatives must be eagerly awaiting their presents wondering what you're creating this year.

Aunty said...

I love all your birthday and chrissie presents. You have been very busy.