Thursday, 3 September 2009

First finishes for September

My first (and probably last) finishes for September are both items of clothing. I like to knit when I'm a passenger in the car. I can't sew as it required too much close focus and I get queasy, but simple knitting I can do with one eye on the horizon. I fancied a big, warm sweater for the winter, that I can wear over blouses and lighter turtle neck jumpers. Quite what I liked about the colour at the time I'm not too sure now, as it certainly doesn't go with anything else that I possess! But it will be warm and that's the main thing.

When we were last down at Brighton I found this fabric and thought it would be ideal for a shirt, and I loved the idea of the spotty fabric for the neck band. It's quite a while since I made myself any clothes, although I used to do a lot of dressmaking. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, though it's a little roomy, so I'll need to adapt the pattern if I use it again.

We're heading off in the motorvan on Saturday for a two week holiday in the Lake District, so I'm busy stocking it up with food, and lots of clothes. The weather forecast doesn't look too promising, so I think the warm sweater will come in useful. Never mind, it will just be lovely to get away somewhere new. Christopher is planning lots of sleeping and reading. I've packed about fifteen books so far, as well as a new sweater to knit, backgammon and a pack of cards, puzzle and crossword books, DVDs and loads of music - everything you need for a holiday in the UK. And of course, plenty of hand sewing. I'm starting to think about Christmas presents for this year and I'm planning to make Christmas placemats for everyone, with a hand stitched panel.

I'm hoping to take lots of photographs to share with you when I get back, but doubt if I'll be able to get an internet access while we're away, so have a great two weeks everyone, and just hope I don't get webbed feet and fingers while we're away!


Amelia said...

The two new garments look great. I really like the shirt..the dotted part certainly adds a cute feature.

Have fun on your trip.

Lynn said...

I love the sweater - and the color - so warm and fall looking. Just lovely. I think you've mentioned before not enjoying clothes shopping - but it's such a lovely sweater it may need something new to go with it? Have a wonderful trip. It's sound so nice to be able to take that kind of trip. Right now the reference you made to the black adder on Gina's blog is bugging me - so I need to look that up on and then get on with my day (cleaning, laundry a little tennis, picking the kids up and cooking, maybe sewing by tonight). Safe and fun trip to you

Di said...

Have a great time,Amanda.

Kay said...

Amazing Amanda! I just can't get over how you make all these incredible creations so quickly. The shirt and sweater are fabulous! I am really impressed and not a little jealous of your talent.

Anita said...

Have a very nice vacation and stay dry. Really like your sweater and blouse you made. I have a sweater I need to get made so I am looking forward to some knitting time in the evenings.

Candace said...

The sweater looks comfy and warm, and the shirt is adorable. I hope you have a wonderful trip and just happen to be where the good weather is, and the bad is either ahead or behind where you are. That works pretty well at times in Florida, I hope it does in England.

Gretchen said...

Hope you are having loads of fun on your holiday and the weather cooperates :) Can't wait for photos and projects when you get back.

Bec said...

What a multi talented lady you are! Such a fabulous job on the shirt AND knitting the sweater! love them both.

Tanya said...

I absolutely LOVE your shirt! I wish I could sew clothes. I have tried but maybe only 1 in 10 things ever get worn. The others never look good on me and after all that work! Great job!!! Have a nice vacation!

lil said...

Lovely sweater mother, getting ready for the winter nice and early... very wise!

So where is this waistcoat you're making me, or are the pictures secret until completion?!

I'm recovered now, feeling rather well in fact, and I really fancy a roast! Lot's of preparation for the competition though, so I'd best save the roast for Sunday... how traditional :o)

Glad you're having a lovely holiday, I'm looking forward to a thorough review on one of your blogs!

Lot's of Love